Heliviz Limited | About
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Heliviz Limited is led by David Hart and Steve Townsend with a combined experience of 50 years in the broadcast & television, corporate video and high end stills photography.

Acquisition in HD and UHD 4k / 6k aerial photography from inches off the ground up to the maximum permissible 400ft using our state-of-the-art remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) system. Rest assured that Heliviz Limited can capture unique aerial images to push the boundaries further in today’s competitive industry.

Heliviz prides itself with over 25 years video production experience, David Hart and Steve Townsend have built a firm reputation building long-term relationships with many blue chip companies.

Heliviz is now utilising the latest in UAS, UAV or drone technology to achieve images only previously dreamt of.

Safety is always our prime concern with every project. It’s not just about having the correct equipment, it’s also about having the right approach, qualifications, approvals, and a competent crew.

Booking us
Heliviz has two BNUC-S qualified pilots, who hold the correct licenses, insurances (5m public liability) and permission from the CAA to conduct commercial aerial video and photography work in the UK and some EU countries.

For those who are interested
*Phantom 3 Pro – 2K/4K
*Inspire 1 / Zenmuse X3 – 2K/4K
*Inspire 1 Pro Zenmuse X5 – 2K/4K micro 4/3rd Sensor
*Ground Station with Sony 46 LCD TV

We are CAA approved & licensed to operate commercially