Heliviz Limited | Why Use Qualified Drone Pilots? It’s only a toy?
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Why Use Qualified Drone Pilots? It’s only a toy?

Two Drones Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 Professional

Why Use Qualified Drone Pilots? It’s only a toy?

As any professional drone pilots know, before even accepting a job the number one priority is to gain a CAA approved qualification and Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) from the CAA. Without achieving this aerial work for commercial gain cannot be carried out legally in the UK.

Customers who commission illegally operated drone operations are liable to compromising or complicating their reputation / time and not forgetting financial implications.

Becoming qualified does not simply provide a remote pilot with a piece of paper. It prepares you how to plan research and obtain vital permissions to carry out your work safely and competently.

Drones are not toys! They are flying electric saws that can cause serious injury.

Many factors come into play when planning a flight, Air Traffic / Police / City council / Land owners permission / Building / Home owners.

We are fully insured and covered with £5million public liability.

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